The Importance of Testing Electrical Equipment

Losing your business or property due to an unexpected electrical fire can be devastating. After pouring so much of your energy, resources and time into your company’s infrastructure and services, the last thing you want to do is lose it all. To avoid such losses and potential financial catastrophe, having a business property that is properly tested for potential electrical issues is among the most important steps you could take toward protecting your investment. Experiencing financial loss can happen as a result of production loss due to equipment failure or equipment malfunction. Testing electrical equipment frequently at different intervals can provide many benefits and play a big role in the proper working of your electrical systems.

Testing electrical equipment includes checking outlets and lighting fixtures to make sure they are functional, efficient and up-to-date. An electrical inspection done by experts will also include efforts to check that all electrical systems and appliances are installed properly and in good working order. Generally, the wiring of the building is also inspected to scan for damages that could be the result of weather damage, rodents or pests. These tests will ensure that your business equipment functions properly and will not short-circuit, creating unnecessary strain on your operations.

An electrical safety inspection isn’t something you should do just once, but frequently on a consistent basis to maintain the safety and functioning of the electrical systems in place. Commercial properties are recommended to get an electrical safety inspection and test at least every 5 years, but this duration could be shortened depending on the complexity of the electrical systems and the type of appliances being used. Saving time and money by skipping out on these periodic electrical equipment tests can be tempting, but you will be much better off in the long run by having them done properly. The potential fire risk to your equipment, building, and employees is far too great to ignore and could land you in big legal trouble. You don’t want to go through the process of dealing with grief, guilt, and huge financial losses due to the preventable injury or death of an employee. So be sure to cover all electrical equipment and systems to keep your customers and employees out of the way of harm.

Fewer malfunctions with electrical equipment will lead to greater returns on your investment. There are various testing devices that can be used to ensure accurate and reliable testing results for your electrical equipment. Inspectors are required to follow strict guidelines that enable businesses to maintain the highest quality standards for their equipment. Nearly 25 people die every year as a result of electrical accidents in the workplace, and more than 1,000 electrical accidents are reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) every year. Not only can electrical equipment directly produce electrical shocks to workers, but indirect injuries can also be a result of electrical malfunctions when it comes to using the likes of ladders or scaffolds. Electrical equipment tests are the only way to identify electrical equipment faults that could compromise the safety of electrical equipment, so thorough testing is highly recommended for minimizing the chance of injuries occurring.


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