The Importance of Having a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A bathroom exhaust fan is a ventilation device that exhausts air from indoors to the outdoors through a flexible tube or metal duct. Ventilation fans draw out moisture and odors from the bathroom to improve air quality. Having a bathroom exhaust fan is not only a great idea, but many building codes now require exhaust fans for new construction, or when undergoing major bathroom remodeling. Typically building codes will have specific recommendations for matching the size of the fan to the approximate square footage of the bathroom. Some building codes do not have this requirement, so check with your area just to be sure. Many bathrooms have operating windows that do not require exhaust fans, but a ventilation fan is always a great addition to any bathroom.

While most people may think that bathroom ventilation exhaust fans serve the primary purpose of removing odors, the more important function is actually removing moist, warm air created from the likes of a bathtub or shower. This buildup of moist air could lay the foundation for mold growth and also damage materials and fixtures in the bathroom which can be a pain to repair. If your bathroom has an unpleasant odor you can’t find the source of, you may be advised to install a bathroom exhaust fan and check for serious mold growth.

Without a ventilation fan in your bathroom, the excessive moisture buildup could also damage ceilings, walls, floors and certain fixtures. Hot water and the warm, humid air caused by it creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow in. The bathroom is already a room known for carrying the most germs in the house, you wouldn’t’ want any extra microorganisms growing that could break down room materials such as wall paint and trim. Ventilation is necessary for almost every bathroom that wants to be deemed as healthy and safe.

Humidity reduction is essential for bathroom upkeep. In extreme cases humidity can accelerate the accumulation of mold and warp doors. Mold spores can be difficult to remove and a huge safety hazard, so preventing the growth of such mold as soon as possible is crucial. In addition to moisture and odors, the bathroom is also a place that is usually cleaned with aggressive chemicals which can cause health issues if inhaled for extended periods of time. This is not only a concern for adults, but also small children or people with existing lung conditions. If a bathroom already contains mold, an exhaust fan will also help remove buildup of airborne spores and slow the growth of any existing mold.

Everyone loves to look in the mirror after getting out of the shower, except when it’s extremely foggy! Bathroom exhaust fans help clear the water vapor on mirrors and walls by reducing the moisture in the air. This is great for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of wiping the fog off their mirror or wait for the bathroom to naturally expel the vapor upon exiting the shower.

Bathroom exhaust fans include many features nowadays. From unique style variations and an array of performance options, to fans with lights and moisture sensors, there are plenty of exhaust fans that should meet your needs. If you’re big on saving energy, timed switches can be installed to control your fan and shut off periodically. Remember to always check the functionality of your exhaust fan and prevent dirt buildup by dusting it often, your bathroom will thank you for doing so.


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