How to become a c10 Electrical Contractor

If you would like to work as an electrical contractor in California on a project valued more than $500 then you are required to have a c10 electrical contractor license issued by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB). You could face jail or be held legally answerable if you contract without a license. According to the California Code of Regulations, a c10 electrical contractor is any contractor that installs or connects any electrical wires, appliances, conduits, raceways, fixtures, solar photovoltaic cells, raceways or any system that generates, transforms, transmits or utilizes electrical energy in any form. Let’s look over the things you need to become a c10 electrical contractor.

When it comes to getting your c10 electrical contractor license in California, experience is a must. At least four years of job experience is required at a journeyman level or higher and there are two tests you must pass in order to be issued the license. There is an electrical contractor test and a business and law test.  Only upon successful completion of these two tests can you be issued your license. You will also need to complete one year of work as an electrical journeyman. However, you can receive three years of credit if you have completed an apprenticeship program and skip the four-year general requirement.

A copy of the Original Contractor’s License packet can be found at The California Contractors State License Board official website. This packet can help you familiarize yourself with the basics of the licensing procedure. The California Contractors State License Board requires applicants to submit a certificate of work experience from any employer. At least a year of work experience will be required.

Complete the application and turn it in for submission, ensuring you have provided all supplementary documents required and have paid any relevant fees. You will receive a request for your fingerprints as well as a notification to appear for examination. The CSLB will provide instructions on how send an electronic copy of your fingerprints from a local live scan facility. Once you have sent a copy of your fingerprints you will get a receipt from the live scan facility which should be submitted to the CSLB no later than 90 days after receiving your fingerprints request.

You will be required to sit for the two required tests after completing the above. The time and date of the tests will be sent with your exam notice. If you fail to appear for the exam at the requested time and date, you may be able to reschedule for a fee. Test results will be gathered before you leave the exam site and can be provided to you. After completing the exam instructions for submitting a surety bond and proof of worker’s compensation insurance will be given to you, along with a licensing fee. You should get a $15,000 surety bond and submit the original bond to the CSLB within a 90-day time frame of the bonds effective date.  You can get workers compensation insurance from any licensed insurance agency. Submit a copy of your insurance to the CSLB upon receiving it.

After passing the exams, submitting your fingerprints, getting a surety bond and paying the licensing fee, you can officially receive your wallet-sized pocket license in addition to a wall certificate. The wall certificate must be displayed in your main office at all times.


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